Ministry of Hope

“Hope Crisis Nursery”

The Ministry of Hope was established in 1999 by a young Malawian as a Christian response to the overwhelming number of orphans in Malawi. Nancy & Frank Dimmock were instrumental in starting the Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery; they have also helped establish the MoH–Lesotho. Lesotho is severely affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. For over a decade now, Ministry of Hope has been providing temporary care for babies born with HIV/AIDS, who have been abandoned, or have other life threatening situations.

Nancy is the daughter of Polly and David Miller who were missionaries in Africa for over 40 years and have close ties to Clarkton Presbyterian Church. Mr. & Mrs. Miller now live in Monteat, North Carolina and continue to visit Clarkton.

The Clarkton Presbyterian Church has been supporting the missionary efforts of the Ministry of Hope for several years. Special offerings are collected during Sunday School on the First Sunday of each month to assist the children of the Hope Crisis Nursery. Visit the Ministry of Hope website and learn more about this important mission in Africa!

Ministry of Hope

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